CHEM 820 - Chemistry Education Research and Practice

This course examines the major developments and trends in the field of chemistry education, focusing on how chemistry can be taught more effectively in the classroom and laboratory as described in the research literature. Chemistry Education Research (CER) is introduced as a specific area of Discipline-based Education Research (DBER) that aims to address contemporary challenges in the broader field of science education. Students are guided to explore and complete a literature review on the contributions of CER toward a specific topic related to chemistry teaching, and to identify how this research contributes to: (1) advancing K-16 chemistry education within the new Framework for Science Education, and (2) meeting national teaching expectations. Based on this analysis students design, practice and reflect on teaching chemistry in a classroom setting. This course is designed to increase awareness among graduate students of current issues and research in chemistry education including procedures for appropriate involvement of human subjects, encourage transfer of research findings into classroom practice, and provide graduate students an opportunity to engage in professional activities by critiquing and discussing own and colleagues’ work.

Credit hours: 3

Eligibility: Has completed CHEM801 and AEP803
Last updated: 05/23/2022