MGT 608 - Sustainable Enterprise Excellence

Since the establishment by the U.S. Congress of America’s national quality award in 1987, the Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence in 1988, and the European Foundation for Quality Management Excellence Award in 1992, the field of total quality management has transformed into Sustainable Enterprise Excellence. <i>Sustainable Enterprise Excellence</i> may also be referred to any of <i>Business</i>, <i>Enterprise</i>, <i>Operational</i>, <i>Organizational</i>, or <i>Performance</i> <i>Excellence</i>. An enterprise is <i>sustainable</i> to the extent that it is able to create and maintain economic, ecological, and social value for itself, its stakeholders, society at large, and policy makers. It is <i>resilient</i> to the extent of its capacity to self-renew through innovation and to adapt to negative shocks and challenges over time. It is robust to the degree it is highly resistant or immune to a critical subset of such shocks and challenges. An enterprise is excellent when its governance, leadership, and strategy, as deployed through people, processes, partnerships, and policies deliver sustained and superior performance in specified areas that include its human ecology, innovation, financial, social-ecological, data analytics and intelligence, and supply chain management

Credit hours: 3

Eligibility: Has completed MGT301
Last updated: 05/23/2022