ENTR 624G - Faulkner Challenge

The <i>Faulkner Entrepreneurship &amp; Design Challenge</i> (FEDC) is an integrated and immersive entrepreneurship &amp; design experience.  High-level entrepreneurship and design challenges are competitions that aim to create ways to leverage opportunities or create better solutions to important societal or environmental problems. More generally, such challenges articulate opportunities to be leveraged or problems for which solutions are sought and help define a scope that is neither too narrow nor too broad. The <i>Faulkner Entrepreneurship &amp; Design Challenge</i> provides a fertile environment in which innovators and designers create or design products, applications, services, or launchable enterprises with high potential for meaningful social or environmental impact. This is done within a competitive entrepreneurial framework. Submission of a well-thought-out and articulated business plan is a formal challenge requirement. Entries should address relevant principles and goals from the <i>United Nations Global Compact 10 Principles</i> and the 17 <i>United Nations Sustainable Development Goals</i> (UN SDGs).

Credit hours: 2

Last updated: 05/23/2022