ENTR 623G - Entrepreneurial Systems & Design

<i>Entrepreneurial </i><i>Systems and Design Thinking (ESDT) </i>integrates theory, methods, and tools from the fields of creativity, innovation, design thinking, sustainability, and entrepreneurship.  SDTM provides means of viewing and designing systems broadly and through multiple lenses to see overall structures, patterns and cycles in systems, rather than seeing events and processes within the system in isolation.  This facilitates broad system optimization that yields performance superior to that which results from separate optimization of the system’s interrelated processes. Examples of systems in this context include products, services, and enterprises, so that, for example, organizational design can be approached through methods presented in this course. Systems thinking is facilitated by viewing systems through multiple perspectives and though use of creative and organizational tools. Within this broad context, students are expected to design and prototype a system (product, service, enterprise, policies, practices) that is informed by and sensitive to business-oriented measures of success, societal benefit, and ecological neutrality or restoration.The course is highly experiential. Content is delivered as a blend of traditional lecture and experience-driven activities and balances theory and practice.  Prerequisites: prior or concurrent enrollment in ENTR 301 is encouraged, but not required. Participants will learn and apply a broad array of tools, methods and strategies useful in ESDT.

Credit hours: 2

Last updated: 05/23/2022