ENTR 622G - Digital Product Development

Digital platforms and associated technologies are reshaping businesses and industries worldwide. For the foreseeable future, a critical need in this domain will be to create new and innovative digital offerings as well as transform traditional products and services into their digital variants. Companies globally are opening new job positions that seek individuals possessing research, analysis, and design skills to create desirable, feasible, viable and sustainable digital products for global markets. Digital Product Design can be defined as the process of strategizing, coordinating, and influencing the direction of a digital product’s creation through research, analysis, and integration of design components. While the developers/programmers are in charge of the actual “manufacturing” of the digital product, product designers incorporate and coordinate the tasks of UX design, UI design, market/organizational research, and commercialization to create and test the concept of the digital product, and to ascertain its overall value in the market.This course will introduce students to the process of designing innovative digital products (e.g., websites, applications) beginning from problem-identification and concept-development to user-testing and creation of a prototype using no-code/low-code digital tools.

Credit hours: 2

Last updated: 05/23/2022