ENTR 622 - Digital Product Development

<b>Digital Product Design</b> is open to undergraduate and graduate students. The class is designed to introduce students to the process of web development using no-code tools and other digital resources in the pursuit of entrepreneurial venture ideas.<b>Course Goals and Learning Outcomes:</b> Upon course-completion students will be able to:<ul><li>Understand the role of UI (user-interface) and UX (user-experience) in the creation, evaluation, and success of digital products.   </li><li>Identify problems that may be resolved using digital products (e.g., websites, mobile applications, collaboration platforms).</li><li>Acquire skills in understanding and fulfilling user-needs by developing and executing a value-proposition specific to a digital offering.  </li><li>Create a landing page (webpage) using no-code tools to test the market opportunity for an entrepreneurial idea.   </li><li>Build an interactive and responsive website to execute an entrepreneurial idea using a no-code website builder.</li></ul>

Credit hours: 2

Last updated: 05/23/2022