ENTR 621 - Venture Harvest

<i>Venture</i> <i>Harvest</i> explores the process associated with creating and executing a comprehensive and integrated venture exit plan. Special attention is paid to preparing a venture prior to harvest in order to maximize shareholders’ return on investment. After completing this course, students will be able to:Understand the importance of Harvest Planning for successful businessesExplain the top three Harvest strategies, how to implement each and how to choose the most appropriate strategyIdentify the factors to consider when choosing and creating a Harvest PlanCategorize the key elements of a successful Harvest PlanDemonstrate how to value assets and evaluate ownership interestsDiscuss the strategy and action items associated with preparing a venture prior to saleDiscuss the elements of a succession plan in terms of roles, responsibility, function, scope, and evaluation

Credit hours: 2

Last updated: 05/23/2022