ENTR 611G - Venture Acquisition

<i>Venture</i> <i>Acquisition </i>addresses the experience of many entrepreneurs: most startups either fail or never reach sustainable size. <i>Venture Acquisition</i> presents an enterprise acquisition approach aimed at skipping the startup phase and generating profit immediately. Detailed in the course is a means to acquire a sustainable, profitable company that can then be grown.Participants completing this course will have learned how to:<ul><li>Acquire (buy) an existing company rather than launching a startup</li><li>Leverage ownership as a path to financial independence </li><li>Invest less time raising capital </li><li>Identify skilled brokers to aid acquisition</li><li>Uncover the best opportunities and biggest risks of any company one might acquire</li><li>Navigate the acquisition process</li><li>Become a successful acquisition entrepreneur.</li></ul>

Credit hours: 1

Last updated: 05/23/2022