ENTR 421 - Innovation & Design Thinking

<i>Human-Centered Innovation &amp; Design</i> integrates theory, methods, and tools from the fields of creativity, innovation, design thinking, sustainability, and entrepreneurship to generate solutions that balance and are sensitive to business-oriented measures of success, societal benefit, and ecological neutrality or restoration. Solutions typically take the forms of new products, services or enterprises but might include such artefacts as new policies or practices.  <i>Human-Centered Innovation &amp; Design</i> requires empathy for those being designed for, prototype creation, and sharing solutions with the target market and affected parties. The course is highly experiential with participants constructing and using a <i>designer’s toolbox</i> that is composed of creativity and innovation techniques and materials. Content is delivered as a blend of traditional lecture and experiential workshop that leans heavily toward practice.  Prerequisites: prior or concurrent enrollment in ENTR 301 is encouraged, but not required. All disciplines are welcome.  Participants will learn and apply a broad array of tools, methods and strategies useful in HCID.

Credit hours: 2

Last updated: 05/23/2022