ENTR 350 - Concept to Creation

The primary goals of this course are to explain 1) how business opportunities arise out of problem-solving; 2) how to generate and refine a desirable, feasible, viable and sustainable product/service idea; and 3) how to develop a minimum viable product (MVP) or an earliest testable product (ETP) from that idea.This requires conducting experiential (i.e., hands-on) activities. You will learn various tools and concepts related to purposeful, imaginative, innovative, and creative entrepreneurship and design thinking. These are then applied to generate pursuit-worthy business ideas that are then converted into your own product or idea via prototyping. The course uses a "learn by doing" approach that focuses more on action (experience) than on theory (texbook).

Credit hours: 3

Eligibility: Has completed ENTR301
Last updated: 05/23/2022