ENTR 301 - Discovering Entrepreneurship

This is a foundational course that introduces entrepreneurship broadly as both a mindset and a process. The entrepreneurial mindset "...is one in which opportunities are pursued regardless of resources currently controlled." The modern process of entrepreneurship is defined as reorganizing, evaluating and exploiting such opportunities. Entrepreneurship is a manageable process that can be taught and applied in virtually any organizational context. Various approaches to entrepreneurship are discussed including application to the contexts of both forprofit and not-for profit orgaizations, and approaches to one's life and career. This course is a prerequisite for all subsequent courses in entrepreneurship. This course does not have any required pre-requisites, and is open to any student. However the following courses are strongly encouraged either prior to enrollment or as concurrent enrollment.

Credit hours: 3

Eligibility: Has completed MGT101
Last updated: 05/23/2022