SOCW 895 - Advanced Clinical Social Work Field Practicum II

This course is the second of two field practicum experiences that students are required to complete during the advanced year for the MSW Program. This course provides social work majors with supervised clinical learning experiences from a licensed social worker within approved social welfare agencies. SOCW 885 Advanced Practice with Groups and Families accompanies this practicum course in order to enable students to integrate and apply classroom learning in the field setting. An ethnocultural practice perspective is emphasized. Students work closely with the Field Practicum Director to identify their preferred practice population, preferred agencies, and the geographical area where they want to complete the practicum. Students are required to begin this practicum experience the same week that courses begin in the fall semester. Students are required to complete a minimum of 360 hours of field practicum experience during this semester. Once students complete this course and hours, they will have accumulated a minimum of 720 practicum hours to satisfy the practicum requirements to move on to the advanced year of the MSW program.

Credit hours: 6

Co-Requisites: SOCW 885 - Advanced Clinical Social Work Practice with Groups and Families
Eligibility: Admission to an MSW graduate program
Last updated: 05/23/2022