SOCW 875 - Forensic Social Work Practice

Clinical social work practice is influenced by legal systems to such a degree, it is difficult to conceptualize a competent practitioner without a basic understanding of forensic social work practice. The actions of social workers and their clients are powerfully, implicitly, and explicitly shaped through legal mandates and regulations at multiple levels of governance. This course will provide a foundation for the essential areas of interaction between social work practice and the law, with an emphasis on how these impact the roles and functions of the clinical practitioner.  The course also equips the practitioner with a crucial underpinning of the forensic knowledge and skills necessary to provide clinical social work services to clients in legal settings, such as mediation, forensic interviewing, and testimony as an expert witness.

Credit hours: 3

Eligibility: Admission to an MSW graduate program
Last updated: 05/23/2022