SOCW 865 - Social Work Supervision and Agency Management

Effective administrative social work practice demands knowledge, skills, and abilities in the areas of personnel management, team building, and workplace diversity. Social work agencies and programs must be administered by people with human resource expertise in order to meet the needs of clients and communities, and to build upon strengths and enhance well-being of individuals, families, households, and communities. Additionally, it is critical that the managers of social programs not only be grounded in the ethics, values and knowledge of social work, but have specific skills needed to operate culturally appropriate programs. Through this course students will learn to: (1) supervise and manage social workers and other human service staff members (2) build teams and organizational cultures that maximize staff morale and job satisfaction and (3) create and maintain workplaces that reflect, contribute to, and celebrate diversity in the larger community. The class also includes a historical orientation to and a comparison of various theoretical perspectives on personnel management and related administrative work in human service agencies.

Credit hours: 3

Eligibility: Admission to an MSW graduate program
Last updated: 05/23/2022