SOCW 850 - Assessment and Treatment of Mental Disorders I

The course will present an integrative biopsychosocial model for the understanding of mental and behavioral disorders. This course provides students with a fuller understanding of the process of diagnosing mental disorders utilizing the latest framework as described in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, fifth edition, 2013 (DSM-5). The focus will be on major affective, cognitive, anxiety, and other disorders that graduates are likely to encounter in social work practice.  In addition to assessment and diagnosis of mental and behavioral disorders, this course will identify and describe a risk and resilience biopsychosocial framework, and evidence-based treatment interventions for persons who meet the diagnostic criteria for a disorder.  Evidence based treatment and intervention strategies covered will include pharmacological treatment, stages of change, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma-based treatments, strengths-based person-centered approaches, along with assessment and intervention strategies using an integrated care model.

Credit hours: 3

Last updated: 05/23/2022