SOCW 815 - Social Work Research Methods and Data Analysis

This course is designed to help students gain and understanding of, and appreciation for, the use of research as a tool for professional evidence-based practice. Students are introduced to the concepts and skills underlying a systematic approach to social work research, including basic research terminology, the scientific method in social work, the value of research in social work, research ethics and the social work value base, problem formulation and conceptualization, measurement, research designs to evaluate programs and practice, sampling, alternative quantitative and qualitative data gathering and analytic techniques, and preparation and use of research reports. The emphasis in the course is on equipping students with the research knowledge and skills needed to engage in the evidence-based practice process at all levels of social work practice. As part of that process, students will learn how to critically appraise sources of scientific evidence and how the criteria for that appraisal will vary depending upon the purpose of the research. Fundamentals of research design, data collection, and analysis are presented. The nature of bias in research is explored. Development of skills for using and conducting research in practice settings is emphasized.

Credit hours: 3

Eligibility: Admission to an MSW graduate program
Last updated: 05/23/2022