SOCW 810 - Social Welfare Policy and Analysis

The purposes of this course are to help students: (1) learn the history, mission, and philosophy of the social work profession and the evolution of social welfare policy (2) develop a beginning level understanding of the development, implementation, and impact of major US social welfare policies and programs (3) research and analyze US social welfare policies and programs using a comprehensive framework with special attention to equity and justice (4) build foundation level policy-practice skills. Throughout the course students are helped to connect their classroom work and their field work with current social welfare policies and related programs. Special attention is given to policies and programs that affect social and economic security throughout the life span. The course also includes an introduction to policies and programs that are central to fields of practice in child and family welfare, aging, health, and mental health. The course focuses on state and federal level social policies in the US, but also includes opportunities for students to learn from the social policy experiences of other countries. Students develop skills in analyzing the ways in which social conditions, values, and ideologies shape the definitions of social problems, the formulation of social policies, and the implementation of policies that impact well-being.

Credit hours: 3

Eligibility: Admission to an MSW graduate program
Last updated: 05/23/2022