NURS 936 - Primary Care for the Pediatric Population Preceptorship

Preceptorship in primary health care of the child and adolescent. This course is a clinical practicum focusing on child and adolescent health care with an emphasis on health promotion, management of commom health problems, and client education. A developmental approach across the lifespan is used in assessing the client and family in formulating the treatment plan. Students participate in a clinical rotation in a pediatric health care setting which provides the opportunity for health assessment of the child and adolescent and formulation of a comprehensive plan of care. The role of the nurse practitioner as a primary health care provider in a variety of pediatric settings is examined. Relevant resources and research related to the child and adolescent are explored with the application of findings to the care of clients.

Credit hours: 2

Eligibility: Admission to DNP program, graduate standing, and has completed NURS935
Last updated: 05/23/2022