SOC 664 - Social Entrepreneurship and Grassroots Social Action

Every direction we turn in our community and world there are opportunities to do good by helping others in need through grassroots social action. Social entrepreneurship is defined as the use of  innovation to find new ways to help categories of people in need. This course helps students 1) identify categories of people in need about whom they most care, 2)understand the challenges and successes of existing grassroots social action organizations, 3) learn the principles for designing a grassroots community project to help others in need, and 4)build a grassroots social action project on paper (that can later be initiated if desired by the student). Many students who take this course want to build grassroots social action organizing skills now for use later in life. Some students want to build a career in the area of social entrepreneurship.

Credit hours: 3

Last updated: 05/23/2022